Irpeden - Zoro

Zoro, beautiful very dark sable (with rich pigmentation) Czech (Slovak) import male German Shepherd


Hello everyone, meet Zoro, beautiful very dark sable (with rich pigmentation) direct Czech (Slovak) import male GSD! What we should know about him? Well, the list would go on forever, so let’s list the most important things.

  • Zoro is 2years old, very clean, social and friendly dog with perfectly proportioned and shaped athletic body male, always happy and ready to please his handler.
  • He loves to be with people, adores kids, enjoys car rides, swimming (both fresh and sea water), running, playing and everything else.
  • Zoro is fully house trained, crate trained (he loves his crate- all positive reinforcement), absolutely conflict free (other dogs, cats and mostly all other pets), well behaved and trained, environmentally sound, ready to make his new owner happy and proud.

As far as his training and drives go, Zoro has a lot of potential, perfect ON/OFF switch and therefore almost endless variety of use (from amazing family companion and protection dog, through top sport, SAR, Service dog, all the way to be dual purpose Police dog).

Please, feel free to call or email with further questions. Thank you.

Price (firm): $9,200. Shipping and personal delivery available.

Vitals & Details

  • Breed: GSD Male
  • Name: Zoro 
  • Date of Birth: September 07, 2018
  • X-rays: HD 0/0, ED a/a
  • Pedigree: Page 1 | Page 2

Next Steps…

Please, feel free to call me at 303.249.3115 with additional questions or to discuss.

Thank you, Peter


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