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Hello Friends!

I would like to announce that Waxi is getting retired and therefore I am looking for somebody to adopt her and enjoy each other’s company. We are not trying to sell her at all cost, simply looking for a new home for her and someone who will enjoy her company.

Please read this article thoroughly before contacting me.

Waxi is my personal dog and was NOT raised and brought up as a pet with the purpose of being sold. That means my approach was completely different than what I choose to use while training dogs for families.

Waxi is very loving dog (she loves kids, people, loves to get her belly rubbed, etc.), is house broken (lives with us), loves water more than anything as well as she loves car rides.

She is VERY HIGHLY DRIVEN, strong hunt and prey drive...

She lives in our house along with other (my own personal) dogs without a problem; however that is possible only because there is a VERY STRONG leadership here (please see pics).

Now, when handler (owner) in presence, Waxi is all above and conflict free, HOWEVER, Waxi is a dominant and strong dog that WILL bite without hesitation and will not be friendly at all to strangers when handler is not in presence. That makes her very good guard dog but it comes with LIABILITY!

Waxi also DOESN’T like small dogs and pets in general (cats, etc.). All this being said, you can see that this is a real dog and can’t be adopted by anyone.

Experienced handler only please.

Feel free to call me with additional questions. 

Thank you. Peter

Please watch her video to see for yourself how cool this dog is! 

Price (firm): $TBD Shipping and personal delivery available.

Vitals & Details

  • Breed: GSD Female
  • Name: Waxi
  • Date of Birth:
  • X-rays: HD
  • Titles: BH, ZVV1
  • AKC: DN53231601
  • Pedigree: Click Here

Next Steps…

Please, feel free to call me at 303.249.3115 with additional questions or to discuss.

Thank you, Peter

Additional videos and images capturing her beauty: 

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