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Our V.I.P. – Best German Shepherds

This page is dedicated to the best of the best  German Shepherds breed can offer. A combination of strong legacy pedigree, optimal development environment and the best in class habit forming training allow us to select only few dogs that are included in the category.

Our V.I.P. page and dogs listed here are dedicated to the best we have to offer. These beautiful dogs are all imported from The Czech Republic and are positively some of the best German shepherds currently in the USA. They come with extensive amount of training. However, to make it even better, we offer additional training to these dogs upon request (tricks; roll, play dead, turn lights on/off, bring newspapers, etc.).

Some clients may need special assistance and yes, we can train dogs to company people in wheel chairs, etc. Clients are welcome to visit us here, where we will gladly demonstrate dog to them as well as we can deliver dog in person and provide our clients lessons of how to work with these dogs. We also provide onsite training (home invasion, carjacking, etc.)

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Currently Available

Feel free to browse through our German shepherd dog profiles below. Click on the link below to see a more detailed profile page complete with an image gallery and videos. If you have any questions please click on the email form on the profile page of the dog you’re interested in and leave us a message.

There are no other VIP German Shepherds available for delivery at this moment. Please come back later as we frequently update status of our dogs in training and will post as soon as the next one is prepared to be a VIP. 

While we try to be as descriptive and forward as possible, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions related to pedigree, health status or anything else you need to consider prior to making your breeding decision.