Our Own German Shepherd Breeding Program

Irpeden Kennel Stud Dogs

Welcome. Please read this before browsing through our inventory.

German shepherds for sale is all we specialize in at Irpeden Kennels. All canines that you will find at Irpeden are imported from well established breeders in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The reason that we import them is that we want to be able to guarantee our dog’s health condition: everything from clean X-rays of hips and elbows (a MUST), good working capabilities, endurance, etc. Our dogs must also be social, friendly, and have no mental issues (snapping, nervous, vicious, shy, etc.). We always try to make people understand that getting a dog is not like buying a toy! It is a life time commitment (dog’s life anyway), and therefore before getting a one (especially a German Shepherd), please think about having enough space for the dog to move around (back yard) and time to spend with him/her! German Shepherds are working dogs and they really need to work, otherwise they’ll either loose their drive, will become lazy, and/or will start chewing on furniture, etc., or all of the above!

Having a dog should mean as much as raising a child; the more time you spend and more stuff you do with him (especially exercise and work), the better the bond between you and your dog will be. Please take time to closely watch our videos and read carefully the description of each dog (as well as their pedigree) before contacting us. We’ll gladly answer any of your questions and provide additional information. We mean serious business and therefore we offer only the best we possibly can. We would like you to understand that training a dog up to these levels requires a lot of hours of work on daily basis, so as for pricing either accept the price or leave it, and do not try to negotiate as it is insulting to us (with all due respect)!

Thank you and enjoy ,