Our German shepherd life stories

Yes… that really happened to us

Our german shepherd life is a page dedicated to our memories. We love what we do, and want to share our passion with our customers and friends.

Through our careers at we have spent most of our lives working with dogs, and especially German shepherd dogs. It is our life passion, and while we are living it, we also try to take tons of pictures and videos so others can enjoy it beyond beyond just doing business with us.

These are our day to day stories. You may have seen them on Facebook and Instagram, perhaps the web venue will give us more depth. Enjoy.

Adriatic Regatta - 2021


Training German Shepherds in Jamaica

A few years back we have started a collaboration with a German shepherd enthusiast in Jamaica, and few weeks ago we were able to visit again and provide some on-site training & tune up. Great country, great people.


Training & Fun On The Beach

Irpeden Kennel’s demonstration of how important it is to properly socialize dogs and build their confidence.

Seminole Park – Work Hard & Have Fun

Our German shepherds love the weather in Florida. Whenever we can, we look for opportunities to play and train outside, visit new places, new beaches and discover our surroundings. There are so many great places close to our new home in Tampa, a fantastic place so close to the heart of the city yet great for dogs.


Irpeden Kennels – Training On The Beach

We love our new home in Tampa, and hope to connect with many happy dog owners & share our knowledge and experience



July 2018 – Ginger Dacherri delivered litter of beautiful puppies in our new home in DeLand, FL! They are now 2 months old & ready to meet their new owners…


Remembering Rockies

Our story begun in the southwest suburb of Denver, just in the foothills of the Rockies…


Stay tuned for more images from our German shepherd life. If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, simply call, visit or shoot us a note via form below