Irpeden Dog Training and Kennels Offer Several Tiers of Dog  Training:

  1. Beginner-Young puppy socialization and basic obedience (8 weeks-20 weeks old puppy):

Description: This package includes introduction of your puppy to your new home and your life style. We also will be teaching you how to properly approach your puppy and how to build a bond between you and your dog, how and when to play with your puppy, how to deal with its needs, how to deal with problem and conflict situations, potty training and crate training. This course also includes basic obedience (sit, down, come and heal).

Duration: 2-4 months (6 sessions) *

Price: $550.00

  1. Novice-Young dog Obedience and prep work for further advanced training (6-12 months):

Description: Working on obedience (stay put in position), introducing off leash dog handling and motivation, improving personal bond and dog’s focus and will to please his hander, distraction issues, preventing dog from pulling while on the leash, improving recall (call–out) and introduction into basic bite work (in form of game-no aggression; teaching dog proper full and strong grip)

Duration: 2-4 months (6 sessions) *

Price:   $550.00 with previous (Beginner) course –lot better choice for both you and your dog!

$850.00 without previous training (9 sessions)

  1. Apprentice- Young Adult Advanced Obedience and Protection work (1-2year old):

Description: For this package, previous training is a must! This package will bring you and your dog to next level of complete off leash Obedience, Advanced Protection/Bite work (attack on command, building up a fight drive, ON/OFF switch, introducing dog to real bites, bite suit, hidden sleeve, etc.), handling dog in Protection mode, reinforcing dog’s focus on task, eliminating distractions.

Duration: 4-8 months (16 sessions) **

Price: $1,600.00

  1. Executive Protection Dog- Advanced Off Leash Obedience and Full Package Protection (1,5years old and up):

Note: Not every dog is capable of doing this kind of work! Evaluation is a must to determine the quality and capability of your dog! In general, to get dog to this level of training (without just faking it), it’s important to bring (raise) dog up with proper approach and training should start in early days of dog’s life-pretty much all 3 above listed courses. Dog trained in this level is not suitable nor recommended for families. Handling (owning) this kind of dog requires experienced handler, following safety features (muzzling dog on walks, no dog parks, no kids and strangers involved, etc.)-liability is very high!

Description: Highly trained and disciplined sharp (hard) dog! Full perfect off leash obedience, real(civil) bites, attack on commend, call out/off the bite, recall of dog, areal search and building search, disarming of suspect, real time scenarios, car jacking prevention, etc.

Duration: depending on dog and its previous training (1-3years)

Price: $12 – $25K

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