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Q: What is the purpose of my future dog?

Because we should choose dog and breed that will meet our expectations, requirements and desires. At the same time, we should know enough about the dog breed before getting one so we can properly handle it (Learn about GSD – I would recommend creditable literature and not an internet forum and discussions written by who know who). For example, I would not recommend a Belgium Malinois breed as a family dog for numerous reasons just as I would not recommend Poodle for SAR, etc.

Q: What kind of experience does your breeder have in working and handling dogs?

Because quality breeder also trains dogs. Without being able to train and read dogs, there’s no way he can determine what is and is not a good dog, what is dog’s strong side and weak side and therefor what is going to be its good breeding partner. Picking breeding dogs based just on looks will not most definitely get you good puppies!

Our breeders have years of experience of both training and breeding. By training and working with dogs, we can determine each and every dog’s strong and weak attributes. These attributes help determine a dog’s best-fit type of environment and individual capabilities. A quality puppy is not solely based on looks, but our breeders invest years of experience, thought, and purpose in each and every puppy.

Q: What is the importance of knowing a dog’s background before breeding and what is our breeding selection process?

It’s very important that the puppy or dog you’re about to get comes from healthy and properly bred dogs. It’s crucial to know a dog’s ancestry and their medical, mental, and physical history.

About our breeding program:

All of our breeding dogs are strictly from The Czech Republic and we make sure that they come from our old Czech (DDR) blood lines. Of course, there’s no such thing as “pure” Czech bloodlines as we all know GSD breed came from Germany! Also, the reason for adding some of the German bloodlines to our old Czech dogs is to make them a little less stubborn and easier to work with but they keep their solid bold body look. Also, most our breeding is done in our main kennel which is located in The Czech Republic. We bring our puppies to our Florida location when they are 8-10-week-old! Reason for doing it this way is that our puppies come with full FCI (pink) paperwork! Per our written contract, we guarantee each of our dog’s full AKC registration as well as we offer registering dog with AKC in your name!

Please know that all our breeding (or our partners’ kennels) are bound to to very strict rules and regulations such as:

•     Each and every dog used for our breeding must be officially X-rayed with excellent results, must be titled (working dog title by FCI) which shows a proof of dog’s physical and mental balance.

•     Must come with full FCI paperwork, where you can see each dog’s achievements, siblings, etc. This FCI paperwork (like a Birth certificate) is an Official Legal Document.

Q: What You can expect from Our puppies?

We carefully hand pick only puppies from the litter that perfectly meet our very strict criteria for dogs capable of being good working dogs and companions! (This sentence sounds like we get rid of no good puppies?)

These puppies must be solid and nice looking (strong bone structure) with perfectly symmetrical square head and dark brown eyes. Their coat must meet the color code, their personality and temperament must be nicely balanced (no room for nervy or timid dogs), and they must be social and friendly.

Q: How do puppies spend their time before going to their new home?

We recommend you read Our Philosophy as it will give you full picture of how, what and why we do with our puppies. (Please link this sentence to our philosophy page?)

All of our puppies are fed 2-3 times a day as needed. We spend a lot of time with our puppies making sure they get proper socialization which means that we take them out to public places to meet people, to be handled and played with, etc. We also take our puppies out to parks, stores, busy streets, elevators, escalators, staircases, hollow floors, etc. Besides these activities, we expose them to water, playing in it, and teach them not to be afraid of water which makes it very easy later on for them to swim and enjoy it instead of being afraid of it.  This is a very important activity for young puppies to prevent their future skittishness, lack of confidence, insecurity, lack of environmental soundness, etc. In another words, we are preparing them for their life.

Along the socialization, we spend a lot time properly exposing these puppies to diverse sounds, situations, surfaces, scenarios, etc. (in an indirect way with no pressure but in form of a game). This helps puppies to be self-confident, curious and secure in themselves.

Q: What to expect our dogs to be like when fully grown:

Combination of proper environmental exposure and socialization helps dog to grow mentally and physically strong and at the same time it helps prevent dog to become coward and weak which could easily lead to dog’s aggression towards to other dogs or people (also known as fear biting), etc.!

With proper approach (we provide written instructions along with written contract when purchasing dog from us) along with further training, puppy from us will grow into a beautiful, solid and clear-headed dog with awesome personality. It will be loyal, friendly and social with great ON/OFF switch (that means dog can be at easy and relaxed when not working).

Puppies from Irpeden Kennels are being used for many different purposes anywhere from a perfect Companion dogs, Family Protection dogs, Sport and Competition dogs all the way to Dual Purpose Police dogs, Narcotic and Explosives sniffing dogs, SAR, PTSD support dogs and Service dogs!

Q: What is a difference between West German and Czech (DDR) working line GSD?

There’s a few differences between dog originated in West Germany and dogs originated in former Czechoslovakia and DDR. Two main differences are looks and personality/temperament.

Czech/DDR dogs:

•     Body: strong build, broad chest, and big square head.

•     Personality: These dogs are known for their strong and clear mind set, endurance, loyalty, focus, very strong bites (when properly trained). These trades make them desirable and highly used as Protection and Companion dogs.

West German Show and Working GSD:

•     Body: Narrow (skinny-when not overly fed) body with long legs, narrow head with pointy muzzle

•     Personality:  These dogs are typically very fast, highly driven, very friendly and social. At the same time, they are not as durable and dedicated which makes them very desirable for people doing sport (IPO). They are not the best choice for Protection dogs.

Above listed facts are the reason why we have brought some of the West German blood to our breeding program.

Please ask questions. Learn about GSD as much as you can. Prepare well for the wonderful relationship that lies ahead for both you and your new German Shepherd Dog.