Meet the Irpeden Kennel Team

Irpeden Kennel team works with German Shepherd dogs in beautiful Tampa (FL). The organization is led by Petr Spurny, Founder, Owner and Manager.

Born and raised in former Czechoslovakia; Petr was introduced to the true working German Shepherd Dog (DDR/Czech blood) by his older brother Milan, when he was just 15 years old. Milan Spurny was the K-9 handler in The Armed Forces’ Border patrol unit. Peter was amazed by the dogs’ capabilities, endurance and drive from which his current passion for dogs and working with them was born.

When Petr decided to start training German shepherds professionally in 2005, he went to the Slovakia where he received top training by Juraj Jager, a dog trainer for The Bureau of Corrections and Slovak Law enforcement.

Petr often travels back to his homeland, The Czech Republic where he works with and continues to learn from the best European trainers in the business, and also participates in seminars as there is always something new to learn. Petr has trained numerous top dogs, including his own personal German shepherd which has competed in multiple events including The USCA Nationals!


Petr Spurny

Founder & Manager


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