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German Shepherd Stud Dogs Currently Available at Irpeden Kennels

Welcome to our Stud Dogs section. All of our available German Shepherd males are top, award winning breeds with impeccable reputation and pedigree. Securing a suitable stud dog is a big decision, and we are happy to assist.

While we appreciate all inquiries, we at Irpeden Kennels, take our business very seriously and can follow up only on serious, well thought requests.

Thank you

Stud Dog Directory

Feel free to browse through our German shepherd dog profiles below. Click on the link below to see a more detailed profile page complete with an image gallery and videos. If you have any questions please click on the email form on the profile page of the dog you’re interested in and leave us a message.

While we try to be as descriptive and forward as possible, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions related to pedigree, health status or anything else you need to consider prior to making your breeding decision.