Irpeden Kennels_German shepherd story

The German shepherd breed story begins in Germany late 1800, early 1900 when German shepherd dog breed was created and established with purpose of herding live stock (that’s where the shepherd part comes from) and providing protection to families as well as good companionship a loyalty!

As time went by, breeders were making adjustments and were working hard on improving existing breed’s health durability, so these dogs would live longer without Displazia, etc.

When WWII hit us, breeding went aside as we were occupied by Nazi Germany for 6 years. Here, I should probably mention the fact that Adolf Hitler’s personal dog was Czech GSD (bit of a dark side of our history)..

After WWII when Europe was divided (early 1950s), Czechoslovakia fell under Soviet union’s led “Warsaw Pact” and due to Cold war era and fact we were bordering West Germany (which was part of NATO), the borders had to be sealed and as assurance of its Impermeability, they needed a dog who will protect those borders and won’t allow anybody in or out!

Well and that was a point where German shepherd came to play, although The Border patrol needed make sure that these dogs will be more than just patrol dogs. They (Border patrol) wanted an ultimate weapon, so they started to breed their own “breed within” and created what later on became called Czech (or by others called DDR) GSD..What was made a difference between traditional GSD and DDR (Czech) GSD?  Main and very important difference was endurance, head strong (stubbornness) and its DRIVES, especially then prey and hunt drive. These dogs were known and respected as well as feared for these trades! There were several Government owned and operated kennels designated to breed these “super beasts” where two mostly used and highly recognized for their achievements even these days are “z POHRANICNI STRAZE” & “z SNB kennel”

At this time (early 1960s), They were experimenting with this breed and created a breed called “Czechoslovakian wolfdog” which was not actually good success as it is (still exists) very unpredictable, hard to train dog.

But back to our Czech GSD. After 1989 (Berlin wall taken down), which marked the end of Cold war era, the need for these hard dogs died out as there was not immediate use for them other than in Prisons or Sentry dogs.

Well, Czech breeders started mixing in some of the West German GSD blood into our breeding to partially balance the hardiness of these DDR(Czech) GSD and make them more people friendly, social and easier to handle. And so that brings us to present time, where we created a beautiful, perfectly balanced Working line GSD which is known for its hard working attitude, durability and endurance nicely tuned in with friendliness, great social skills and loyalty!

Irpeden team represents multiple generations of German shepherd breeders and trainers. Originally from the Czech Republic, we have established our training practice in United States almost two decades ago.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions and contact us – we will be happy to share our expertise with you