Irpeden_Kennels-Fredy-Executive Protection Dog

Fredy is VERY dark sable Czech import German shepherd male, with solid and big, nicely proportioned body and beautiful head with dark brown eyes.

He is friendly, well socialized, non-conflict (does not provoke fights, fine with another dogs and animals), likes people and children and is fully house broken. 

Fredy loves car rides and is crate trained. Fredy has a ton of training done (please, watch videos-more coming in few weeks) and he is an awesome Executive personal protection dog (all off leash trained in both obedience and protection without using E-collar!).

Thanks to his great drive, he can be used for top sport, Family protection/companion, and/or Police dual purpose!

As far as his personality, he’s very clear headed, focused dog with excellent drives and On/Off switch, loyal, always ready to go to work! Absolutely no flaws in temperament! Fredy has been exposed to all kind of elements and has no problem (stairs, slippery floors, dark rooms, elevators, escalators, echo, etc., simply, environmentally sound).

Additional customized training available

Vitals & Details

  • Breed: GSD Male
  • Name: Fredy
  • Date of Birth: June 09, 2018
  • X-rays: HD, ED excellent 0/0 (negative)
  • Pedigree:  Page 1 | Page 2

Price (firm): $9,700. Shipping and personal delivery available.

Next Steps…

Please, feel free to call me at 303.249.3115 with additional questions or to discuss.

Thank you, Peter

    Fredy's Latest Videos: Environmental soundness and social skills & The Hike