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Our most advanced training tailored to special situations and custom needs

  • Executive Protection Dog – Advanced Off Leash Obedience and Full Package Protection (1,5 years old and up):

Please note: Not every dog is capable of doing this kind of specialty and focused work. Evaluation is a must do to determine the physical ability and learning capability of your dog!

In general, to get dog to this level of training (and do that extremely well, as in many situations your life may depend on it), it’s important to bring (raise) dog up with proper approach and start the training process in early days of dog’s life.

Dog trained in this skill level is not suitable nor recommended for families. We do offer additional training levels more suitable for day to day family life. Handling (owning) this kind of dog requires experienced handler, following safety features (muzzling dog on walks, no dog parks, no kids and strangers involved). Your liability is very high.

Description: Highly trained and disciplined sharp (hard) dog! Full perfect off leash obedience, real (civil) bites, attack on commend, call out/off the bite, recall of dog, areal search and building search, disarming of suspect, real time attack protection scenarios, car jacking prevention and many more.

Drug sniffing and advanced rescue training options available as well.

Duration: depending on dog and its previous training (1-3 years)

Price: $12 – $25K (depending on the nature of your request)

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