Irpeden Kennels – Dog Training and Other K- 9 Services

Dog training plays a key role in the quality of the relationship with your animal. As a breeder and trainer, we are not here just to provide you with a quality German Shepherd dog (or a puppy). We are here to provide you also with proper training and consultations. Our Dog training services are backed by years of experience and love for what we do.

So regardless the age of your dog (8 week old puppy or 5 years old dog), feel free to contact us with your questions. We understand your desire to build a relationship that will last a lifetime, and will be happy to help you out through our positive reinforcement training methodology.

We offer the following dog training services:

Outside of our training programs, we assist with other K-9 services:

  • Importing German Shepherds from Europe – full service with documents & delivery protocol
  • Specific behavioral consultation/correction (i.e. if a dog is too vicious, chewing furniture)
  • Dog transport and air cargo (domestic or international)
  • Dogs for hire (personal escort, property sentry dog, etc.)
  • Command structure development, training & practice
  • Stud Dogs with excellent pedigree to support your own growth line

As an example of our Dog Training professional activities, please see one of our YouTube Channel videos below:

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Let our experience and training bring you and your dog closer together.

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