Objective: Training for special situations or custom tasks

  • Personal 1-1 training to improve the bond between owner & dog

  • Conditioning for already trained dogs (custom scenarios & development)

  • Further improvement of existing skills


Do you want us to come over to train at your house or office? Do you want us to train/teach your dog tricks (play dead, roll over, bring a news paper from mail box, turn the lights ON/OFF, tracking, search, Bite work/Protection on site, train you as a handler  in person). 

Aside from the basic training, we have decades of experience with development of drug-sniffing dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs and rescue dogs for military and protection agency services.

We can help with. Let us know your specific need, and we will provide you with an honest assessment & estimate after our first meeting

If your interest is in teaching your dog the basics, please make sure to study other options available within our training practice and/or watch our videos.

Duration: Varies depending on request

Price: Custom  – reflecting on the nature of each request


  • Handler, Helper/Decoy, IPO training & custom  Seminars

If you are interested in learning how to properly handle a dog, how to deal and prevent conflict and problem situations, and/or how to teach dog bite work properly (building up the drive, techniques, confidence issue solving), how to catch dogs (on the sleeve), how to do bites onto the bite suit, how to teach dog tracking (areal or sport) and or how to bring dog to IPO trial, we sure can help you with any and all of that a well. 

Contact us to discuss the best option for your specific objective

Duration: Varies

Price: Custom – Per agreement after consultation