Objective: Fixing your dog’s behavioral issues and making dog safe and reliable.

From our trainers: We are here to help you and your dog to get rid of bad habits, fix dog’s behavior issues such as jumping up on people, dog aggression, people aggression, so called overly protective dogs, excessive barking, separation anxiety, self destructive dogs, peeing in the house issue, house roughing, out of control dogs, leash pulling, submissive dogs, food begging and all kind of other problems. Behavioral issues have to be dealt with if you want to protect the relationship with your dog as well as with your cohabitants.

With problem dogs, we require you bringing dog to our training field for evaluation where we’ll analyze your dog’s issues and determine what will be the best and most effective way to fix such issue. In lot of cases boarding is a necessity!

Duration: varies depending on dog’s problem

Price: $100 for evaluation, further cost depending on case, approximate cost can be set after the evaluation!

Contact us to discuss your options. It is important you deal with the issue. We are your professional help.