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We are the best German Shepherd breeders and trainers. For more than a decade, the Irpeden Kennels team is specializing in German Shepherd breeding, development and training. The German Shepherd Dog (also called German Shepherd Alsatian Deutscher Schaferhund, or even Police Dog in some countries) was bred in the late 19th and early 20th century in a concerted effort to breed the ultimate sheepdog. Irpeden Kennels team has decades of experience acquired by doing what they love to do – work with best German shepherds. Our legacy is also seen in our training philosophy developed through K-9Specialists.com, the team dedicated to K9 working dog excellence.

German Shepherd Breeders & Trainers

Quality breeding takes lot more than just getting two “beautiful and highly titled” dogs and think you will produce quality puppies..it is NOT  only about all these “TOP” dogs named in the pedigree …It’s about knowing dog’s personality, their ancestry-their weak and strong points and proper balance of  those trades.. (for example just because dog is a World WUSV champion does not mean he will produce healthy and strong puppies). 

Naturally, disciplined training and positive reinforcement is a must for strong bond and a long term relationship between new owner and his dog. Our training philosophy aims to accomplish just that with all of our clients.

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We are the best German Shepherd breeders and trainers. Let our experience and training expertise bring you and your dog closer. Please visit us in Tampa (Seminole), call us at 303.249.3115 or connect through Contact Us